Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bob Rae and "Iffy Questions"

I can't believe that anyone fell for it when he said he wasn't going to run, and now its come back pretty definitively in this Globe article:
“Now you’re asking what President [Franklin] Roosevelt used to call iffy questions,” said Mr. Rae at a news conference Friday. “And I don’t answer iffy questions."
Granted, he says he is committed to the rules as they were stated by the National Executive back in May when he was chosen as the interim successor to Iggy. And you know what, I believe that if those rules were in place after the selection of a new president in January, I think he'll likely stick to them.

But, there seems to me little guarantee those rules will be in place. Both main contenders for the presidency I've seen - Sheila Copps and Ron Hartling - have stated they'll allow Rae to run if he wants to. The difference being, Copps says so unconditionally (as far as I can tell, I'm happy to be contradicted on it) while Hartling, with a good head on his shoulders, says he would need to declare his intentions and step down from the interim leadership.

I have no problem with the latter, and a big problem with the former, but whatever happens, happens. I simply feel justified knowing deep down, he wasn't going to give up the chance at the crown if he didn't have to.

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