Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Before you get too into Russia's electoral results...

Look at the political players who benefited from United Russia's drop:

The Communist Party, lead by Gennady Zhuganov, is a proto-fascist Marxist nationalist party that wants to essentially recreate the Soviet Union except with a more Russian focus. Gennady is known for wanting to "re-Stalinize" Russia and laying carnations for the Soviet psychopath/dictator/President. His party gained 7.6% and 35 seats, the most of all opposition parties.

A Just Russia is lead by Nikolai Levichev is like a more left-wing version of the NDP, promising a "New Socialism" and general social democratic principles as part of its platform. It actually sounds like a nice, promising party, and the 2007-2011 Duma (that's the Russian legislature, just fyi) they heavily opposed Putin's government. That being said, they were extremely supportive of President Dmitri Medvedev, and even nominated him as their candidate alongside United Russia. That makes it slightly confusing. A Just Russia gained 26 seats and 5.5% in the popular vote.

The Liberal Democratic Party, lead by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is another proto-fascist nationalist party with a conservative bent - don't believe its name - that is generally considered a front for ex-KGB interests. In his presidential campaign in 2008, he promised to flood Great Britian and proclaim a police state. Mhm. His party gained 16 seats and 3.5% in the popular vote.

Finally, the best party is Yabloko, lead by Sergei Mitrokhin, which gained just 3.8% of the overall popular vote and no seats. It's the little social liberal party that tried, and failed, but gains an honourable mention because they represent the views I most agree with.

Just remember that none of these parties rose above 20% in the popular vote, and the one that came close enough is just wrong.

OK, continue on.

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