Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Does Bob Rae Really Want to Do? We Need to Know.

It's good, it's very good. It hits all key points that it needs to, and there's little in there I can find fault with. I especially like the primaries idea. It's a tad idealistic but, hey, that's the business we're in.

However, Paper Dynamite Online's Peter Wrightwater, I have concerns over Rae's game of footsie with the permanent leadership.

I'm not saying Bob Rae, if the executive changed the rules, shouldn't be allowed to run for permanent leader - I just know I wouldn't be voting for him, for a few reasons. But that's what the democratic process is about, and I'll get my chance to vote when the time comes.

But, think of it this way: Rae is our interim leader, someone who took up an extremely crappy job as leader of a demoralized third party in a majority parliament, basically with the intent to rebuild and re-energize the Liberals so we can get this thing chuggin' again. When he was chosen by the executive to head up the party in the interim (and for everyone's blathering, the executive did have a choice, and if they really wanted to keep Rae out they could have), he agreed not to run for the permanent leadership as a condition of the executive's support.

Now, if in 2012 the new executive decides to rescind this condition, does it really make it any less unscrupulous for Rae to then decide to run for the permanent leadership when he originally agreed he wouldn't?

Legally, there'd be nothing wrong with it. I would however consider it to be morally bankrupt. And from there, I would start to suspect what was going on in the backrooms of the 2012 convention, and wonder how key Rae supporters were positioned in the new executive to be able to change those rules. And you can't tell me that it didn't happen. Reality is simply never that favourable to one man.

Before you know it, we're away from the "Rae Revolution" and back into those old conspiracy games that characterise the modern LPC. Personally, I accept it as a natural cause-and-effect force within political organizations; for the majority, it's just the typical cynical politicians doing what they do, and we're back to square one.

So, you know what? Here's one way to step around this - Bob Rae must make his intentions clear sooner rather than later. If we get this out of the way now, we can avoid messy accusations later on. If Rae wants to run for the leadership, let him, but he must make it clear now, before the 2012 convention, when all of this comes to a head.

Furthermore, any candidates for the executive should also make clear their intentions, not just to the backroom boys, but to the entire Liberal Party. Call it a Rae Bloc, call it divisive, call it whatever - but Liberal Party members must be informed. If we are, then we can make the decision on Rae's ability to run for the permanent leadership maturely and honestly. Enough of hiding it.

If Rae and co. fail to make their intentions clear, then I think Liberals and Canadians in general are absolutely justified in whatever punishment they chose to put on Rae and the Party. If you want to change the way things are done, then pull backroom bullshit like that, let's not even pretend we have credibility anymore - it's clear no one will believe us anyways.


  1. You )(*&&^%^%$.... Just can't stop sh**ing in your boots? Can you Liberals grow up and you expect the voter to vote for you when all you can do right now is shoot at each other inside the tent???? Why don't the lot of you go join some other party and start your shooting there. Harper would take "real" good care of you.

  2. You're a bit of a prat, aren't you?

  3. Kitt, if you are going to give us your phone number you need to stop hitting the shift key.

    Back on topic, I would vote for Rae, depending of course on who else is running. I also don't think there is anything useful from Rae announcing that he plans to run. Rae should not run if other strong candidates are interested (and I don't just mean LeBlanc) then it would be bad.

    Put another way. A ballot that looks like this:

    Rae - 51%
    All Others - 49%

    would look very bad. One that looks like this

    Rae - 70%
    Others - 30%


    Winner - 70%
    Rae - 30%

    would not be bad.

  4. As much as some of us do not like Rae, I feel he is the man with the most experience and the one that would in my view, have a chance of unseating Herr Steve in 2015.He would not take the Harper lies and innuendos sitting down. He is able to speak sensibly and win the hearts of many Canadians and again in my view, we need someone like him to be Harper's worst nightmare.In actuality, he makes Harper look like a kindergarten student. Rae is respected all over the world, would not put himself in front of the cameras all the time like you know Herr Steve is famous for. I see Stevie as that student in the class room sitting down in his own little world writing polices that he was likely better at then in today's dictatorial rule. Hail Hitler sound familiar to anyone? Take that remark the way you want to but the parallels are too similar for my liking.

    Sorry but I personally believe that Bob Rae is the most likely man to defeat Harper.

  5. That's fair Marie, and I agree on the points that Rae is an awesome individual and an awesome politician. I like him on a personal level (as personal as you can get, anyways).

    But, I he's got too many liabilities to ever win. Look at what they did to Ignatieff, a man who had very few flaws in his career and was also respected around the world. They destroyed him. Same with Dion.

    Can you imagine what they'll do to the former NDP Premier of Ontario famous for "Rae Days" and held (wrongly) accountable for the pain of the early 1990's by a good portion of Ontarians?

    I'd like to see Rae as our rebuilder, but I can't see him leading us into an election and bringing us out on top.

  6. Bob Rae could defend himself and expose the Cons for their constant lies. Mr. Rae is very capable and IMO, he will not allow himself to be bullied like Dion and Igantieff were.Bob Rae would defend himself and show Harper and his entourage for the liars and cheaters they really are to the Canadian public.

    He has nothing to lose and he would likely expose the partisan Media at the same time. This is the way I see Mr. Rae.