Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today in Pointless Ideas from Nathan Cullen

Putting the monarchy to a vote appears to be Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen's most recent suggestion.

This comes off the heels of his last headline capturing moment with the suggestion of a "progressive primary" vote that he himself admitted would never be a reality.

While other candidates like Brian Topp offer up taxing proposals (silly as they are) and take issues seriously, Nathan Cullen's support seems to be focusing on inane things that don't really matter to the future of the country or of the NDP itself.

Cullen's "democratic reform" principles also go on about moving to an MMP system similar to New Zealand (which just have its conservative party an essential majority of seats without the majority of votes, just fyi) and restoring public party subsidies. Real bread and butter issues like that.

I don't see Cullen's chances improving any time soon.


  1. well at least this only progressive national party isn't fighting over the amount of point differential and reduction in corporate taxation. Now that during the May federal election was "inane".

  2. I'm actually surprised you even called the Liberals "progressive," Jan. Or were you talking about the Greens?

    Either way, c'mon - the monarchy? What a vote getter. Brian Topp, for all his, erm, "charisma," is at least getting headlines for proper issues. Or Dewar and his cities plan. That's what the NDP can win an election on, not these peripheral issues.

  3. Save us from the tyranny of the Queen. ;)