Monday, November 7, 2011

Sask Liberals & Leader Ryan Bater

What can I say? You fucked up.

Here's the results of tonight's vote in the 9 ridings the Liberals ran in, organized by vote totals:

That's right - 80% of voters were lost in those nine ridings since the 2007 election. Overall, 94% of Liberal voters in 2007 did not vote Liberal in 2011.

That's ridiculous, especially considering that Bater lost voters compared to 2007, when he got 13.36%. So much for the Lizzy May strategy.

Heads should start rolling. Now.

(PS: "Nathan Jeffries" should read "Saskatoon Meewasin", sorry about the mix-up.)


  1. Given the changes in turnout between the two elections, you should consider re-doing your analysis with raw votes, and again with votes as a percent of eligible voters.

    Only that way will you start to get a handle on whether votes switched or not, and/or whose votes stayed home.

  2. For the last four years the political story in Saskatchewan has been a two-horse race with the Sask Libs being labeled "irrelevant" and "fringe" at most opportunities. SK New Dems laughed at only 9 SK Lib candidates running and believed that, at the end of the day, SK Liberal voters would lean towards them. They didn't drink the orange juice after being called irrelevant by the NDP.

    Did Ryan Bater HAND the election over to Brad Wall? Or did Dwain Lingenfelter get IGNATIEFFED by Brad Wall? Will the NDP now "learn their lesson" (feel free to interpret that however you will) and stop being... uh... themselves?!

    It was a tough day in Sask and my family in Saskatoon and Regina aren't pleased with the results but they are not unhappy either. The election unfolded the way people expected. It's nothing personal. Well, unless you're Link.

  3. Good point, Alice. I'll actually do that when I get a chance later today.


    I personally think that the SaskParty owes a good portion of its massive win - not the win itself, but just its enormity - to the foolishness of the Bater Liberals, who reduced themselves to minor party status when there really was no need to. Had Bater presented a serious option instead of the joke he was, then maybe those voters who got turned off Link but didn't feel like fleeing to Wall would've parked their votes with a trusted third alternative, much like what did happen federally.

    But, no, opportunity lost. Has Bater been fired yet?

  4. There hasn't been a provincial Liberal party in Saskatchewan of any consequence for 30 years.

    The one time they were given any responsibility they immediately jumped to the NDP for a speakers role and two cabinet seats. The Sask Liberals betrayed everyone who had ever voted for them.

    Sask votes (Conservative|Liberal) vs. NDP. If the non-NDP vote doesn't coalesce the NDP win. Liberal vote in Sask has _never_ been NDP and thinking it would have been is just plain silly.

  5. I never did think it, lance, but thanks anyways.