Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reason #1 Why You Should Follow Pat Martin on Twitter

He doesn't take shit from no-one.

I know, people will say he should have controlled his anger. It's true, but Pat Martin is absolutely justified to lose his cool. When you deal with idiots like @LettingSmokeOut (and he is an idiot, just look at his tweet history), sometimes a profanity or two needs to be let out.

Here's another fact that some people miss: who cares? Maybe the older generations, but I'll tell you right now that when my generation hears a cuss word or two thrown around, we aren't very concerned. In fact, Pat Martin is something of a hero, at least to me (at least in this one situation).

Anyways, @LettingSmokeOut clearly doesn't understand the difference between a socialist or... anything, really. He's kind of your typical religious troll, and emphasis on troll. Who lets these people out of the crazy house?

Oh yeah and then there's all his tweets against the Conservatives. Less profanity but still important.

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  1. The Conservatives shouldn't have shut down debate, the guy on twitter was probably trolling (and he pretty much got the reaction he wanted by getting Martin to swear at him), but Martin the living definition of the phrase loose cannon.