Friday, November 18, 2011

Re: Liberal Seat Proposal, By the Numbers

Following up on Riding-by-Riding/Teddy's post, here's a quick analysis of the Liberal's HoC representation plan:

- Ontario and BC are still under-represented
- NB, NS and PEI still has more seats than its population requires, despite seat losses
- Quebec and Alberta get fairly close-to-the-mark results
- The two Prairie provinces are closer to the mark but still over-represented

What is this? This is nothing. I'm horribly disappointed by this plan. Horribly so. It's downright silly.

And it proves two things in my mind. One, that it's pretty much impossible to give fair representation by population for Big Four (ON, QC, BC, AB) without increasing the total number of seats if you're not willing to cancel out the special causes for all the smaller provinces.

Two, the Liberals are just doing this for the publicity. There is no reason except populist pandering and too much time on your hands to pursue it.

Now, I have a healthy respect for Dion and Garneau and the rest of the Liberal caucus, and when push comes to shove I think rep-by-pop with the current number of seats (or at least a set amount) is an idea totally worth pursuing.

But if you're not willing to propose doing the tough things - i.e., stripping special clauses - in order to make the plan viable for everyone, especially Ontario and BC, then don't even bother. How can anyone believe we're serious if we're not at least willing to explore the idea?


  1. Volkov,

    Give them some credit: arguing for the removal of the special grandfather clause is pretty gutsy move. I, frankly, never thought it would happen.

  2. What the LPC and NDP think right now does not amount to a hill of beans. The Tories have a majority for the next 4 years and will do just what they want.

    What counts is constructive action to remove the party that forms the government with only one third the votes - by having the 60% who do not vote for the Tories given a government more to their liking.

    Any blethering by LPC and NDP about alternative plans to the Tory plans is just that right now: blethering.

    Instead of scoring points with fancy schemes which stand no chance of implementation, these two parties should become realistic about what is need to fire Harper as PM.

    Let's spend our energy on the main issue. There will be time for pretty speeches later on, once our leaders fae up to what has to be done.

  3. I am with Peter. Calling for granfather clause to be tossed is certainaly a step in the right direction. That said, if Liberals think they can make a lot of ground by offering a plan that is only slightly better than the Conservative plan, but costs less, they are out of their minds.