Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh LPC Exec, How You Fill Me With Hope

If you haven't yet read "A Roadmap to Renewal," the document laid out and published by the National Board, you need to. Because it's important, it's intelligent, and above all, it makes perfect sense. Here's some key points:
  • the Liberals will no longer be protecting their incumbents, as all candidates for a seat in the House of Commons will be subjected to an open nomination battle - so now our incumbents, the good and the bad, will have to fight for the confidence of the average Liberal member
  • there will be a distinction between Members and a new class called Supporters; the former is what we have now. Supporters are non-fee paying registrees who have to affirm a "Declaration of Liberal Principles," confirm non-membership in other political organizations (I hope donations to other parties will be included in that as well), and can vote in riding nominations and leadership races, but cannot stand as a member of an executive, vote for Party Officers, nor stand as a riding candidate for an election. Only full Members will be allowed to do this
  • a focus on rebuilding EDAs in the country by pushing the PTAs (provncial-territorial associations, i.e. LPC(O), etc.) to prioritize EDA support
  • a huge push to centralize the LPC; this is key because the LPC acts like a federation of different PTAs who all have their heads and inter-party grievances. The document outlines pushes to centralize finance, integrate communications and volunteer bases, and expand the role of the central Party into the day-to-day operations in the PTAs
  • making the Council of Presidents more of a consultative body versus the policy/legislative body it currently is
  • a big push to change the Party's communications and technologies (and therefore fundraising) strategy; the key phrase is the LPC's recognition of the change we need to undertake from being a party of "brokerage politics" to a party of political activists
I love it. Who says the current Executive is useless? They have the right ideas, and they have the guts to challenge the established party attitude. I see the horizon folks, and it looks a heck of a lot brighter for us than it did before.

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