Monday, November 7, 2011

Garry Queale Says Video of Bus Driver Threatening Autistic Man Is "Inconclusive"

If you have yet to see the video of an OC Transpo bus driver yelling at and threatening an autistic man named Matthew Taronno, you need to see it. It's posted at the end of this post.

This is, obviously, something that offends almost every person who ever sees it, because we know its wrong, and we know that the bus driver is a first-rate asshole who deserves to lose his job.

But, here's what OC Transpo's union head Garry Queale says:

"Well there is no sign of any driver being shown," said Queale. "There is a passenger standing beside the driver's area … from what I have seen it could be a person sitting over across yelling at somebody."

LOL. Really? Really? Just try listening to that video, and transcripting it. Particularly at 36 seconds in.

"... not a sound, or I open that fucking door, you get out, you don't say a fucking word, or I'm going to fucking kick your fucking ass." 

You're telling me that's not the driver? The guy who controls the door? Who the Taronno is looking at and says sorry to as he runs out the back? Really? C'mon, that's utter bullshit. It's the driver, it's pretty clear it's the driver, the video is in no way "inconclusive."

Even if it was not the driver, guess what? The driver should have still done something. If a passenger is being threatened, why does the driver do nothing? That wouldn't inspire a lot of confidence in my safety on OC Transpo's buses.

Any way you cut it, the driver has failed to uphold any level of respect for OC Transpo. He needs to be held to account. But, no, the video is "inconclusive" according to Garry, who, I'm willing to bet here and now, will continue to stand up for this driver when he is found to be guilty.

And that's why I have a negative view of unions - they're apologists for the worst of us. Be it teachers, social workers, civil servants, or bus drivers, the union will always stick up for their members, even if they're utter incompetents. That not only punishes those who use and pay for these services, but those who do their job right as well. It's not fair, and Garry Queale has just reinforced that thought for me. Thanks Garry.


  1. Unions are advocates. You are about as informed as those who attack defence lawyers--"how can they defend those vicious criminals?"

    We all know how this is going to turn out. If that driver keeps his job, it will be a miracle. Unions don't perform miracles: they defend their members. That's their job.

    I hope this guy is kicked to Kingdom Come, but using all this as an excuse for union-bashing is pretty cheap.

  2. PS: I note this further comment from Queale, which you left out:

    Queale said if it was a driver, it is also unclear from the video what set him off and said any investigation should probe the circumstances leading up to the apparent tirade.

    Who on earth could argue with that?

  3. Dawg, this isn't just limited to this case - I know people personally who say something similar, and are involved in your party.

    Maybe I was a bit harsh above - I can change it - but only because it's such a ridiculous situation, and Queale's comments just poke every person in the eye.

    I've got no problem with unions - I've got a problem with people that run them like little patronage associations. And unfortunately, Dawg, that's a lot of them, especially in Ontario.

  4. That latter half is agreeable - the first half is idiotic. Had he just said the latter portion, I wouldn't have a problem.

  5. Unions are the reason I voted for Harper in 2006.

    Also, I have Autism, and it's not the driver that I want to physically hurt.

  6. Also, some people don't deserve to be defended