Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did You Know PEI Doesn't Allow Legal Abortions?

I certainly didn't. But it's true - PEI's abortion laws are horribly behind the times.

Fact is, I doubt it's ever mattered too much to any Islander, given that it's a trip across the Confederation Bridge and you'll be in a province that does (nearest clinics are in Fredericton and Halifax, I gather), plus the province does accept that is has to fund the procedure. So if you're a woman who did need an abortion performed and you lived on the Island, I suppose it's an inconvenience (and a little stupid) but there's no PEI thought-police out to stop you from crossing the border.

Even so it's about time that the PEI government and Liberal Premier Robert Ghiz updated these laws to reflect modern society and Canada's progressive values - controversial or not (do you really want to be supported by LifeSite? Really?). Maybe it's not going to change a lot, but it's the principle of the thing.

So, if you're a progressive and pro-choice and out in PEI or nearby any time soon, help these people get the Ghiz government to change the law. No need for the Island to be stuck in the past.


  1. As a former PEIslander I want to make clear what happens. The government does indeed cover the service if government provided. That means that any government-run abortion clinics on PEI are fully funded. However. PEI has no government-run clinics, and, at least when I left, had no private clinics either. Private abortions are not covered, nor are abortions performed out-of-province.

    In essence it's a loophole. It's like saying "you can eat any bread I have" when you have no bread and no plans to buy any.

  2. Abortions done at the Queen Elizabeth II in Halifax are covered by the government (enjoy your 4hr trip each way, plus toll to cross the bridge!). You have to have 2 Dr referrals, 1 from PEI (which is hard to get) and one from a Halifax dr (so easy!).

    There is nowhere on PEI to get an abortion- women have to go to Halifax, or most of the time, they end up in Fredericton (where they pay the $600-$800 fee, but don't have to waste time fighting to get a referral)