Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Con Gov't Slashes UNESCO Funding Because Of Palestinian Membership

At the same time, one wonders why exactly they promised, gave, and have protected Quebec's unwarranted seat at the same body?

Ridiculous pandering for votes - once for Quebec's, now for anti-Palestinian voters.

The United States administration is no better, given that they're pulling $60 million out of this much needed UN agency, all because UNESCO accepted Palestinian membership - and have threatened to pull more funding out of the UN as more and more agencies recognize Palestine as, well, something.

Whether or not you agree with the decision, anyone must see how naked of an act this by Baird and co. at Foreign Affairs, all part of the "lets suck up entirely to Israel" plan.

I'm a fan of Israel personally, but even I realize that the entire rational behind Canada's and the US' moves - that the UN shouldn't recognize Palestine in the absence of a peace deal - is entirely non-constructive. In no way does it help any side but Benjamin Netanyahu's and Avigdor Lieberman's - neither of which are very interested in peace in the region.

It's ridiculous, but that's how it is I guess. Is it any wonder that the peace process in the region can't even get off the ground these days?

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  1. Volkov your position seems admirable , but the reason that Palestine shouldn't be recognized as a state in any organization is, because it would be giving a message to the leader's of Palestine that they don't need to talk with Israel to have there own land. Israel including Benjamin netanyahu (I am no fan) wants to talk to them. But the Palestinian leader's don't! This is the reason we can't give them statehood in any body, because it be telling them that they don't need to talk or negotiate with Israel to have a state that will be very detrimental to Israel. Even Netanyahu wants a two state solution, so why is the Palestinian leader's going to the UN trying to get statehood (that won't get anything done on the ground) Rather than talk to the willing Israeli's who have much of the land they want. Not giving Palestine membership is a message to Palestine that it has to work with Israel. I agree membership at UNESCO is a nothing seat, but it's the message that it brings that people don't like.