Saturday, November 5, 2011

Capitulating to The Man - Romeo Saganash Flip Flops on Secession

For a moment there, I thought that all the horror stories about Nycole Turmel and Alexandre Boulerice and the one to two dozen Quebec Dippers who have in the past or currently do openly support separatism (not to mention those who support the Sherbrooke Declaration, which makes them essentially apologists for pro-secessionists) were just that - horror stories, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel in the name of Romeo Saganash, who would step up to the plate, take on the NDP's entrenched forces, fight for a proper, law-abiding and sane position on secession in Canada, simultaneously taking away from Stephen Harper any shots he could fire towards the NDP as "soft on separatism," and wrap himself in the cloth of federalism ever so sweet. Romeo Saganash for NDP leadership! Nay - Romeo Saganash for Canada!!!

But, no. Like most politicians who a) have no spine, and b) are kidding themselves about their chances of winning, Saganash dumbed down his comments and stated he fully supported the Declaration, as apparently do Mulcair, Chisholm, and Dewar.

I know it's not a big issue these days, and I'm glad for it, but the NDP need to get serious about their policy on Quebec sovereignty, especially given their current position - which, I might add, should always be considered precarious, given that Quebec has a habit of throwing parties out once every decade or two.

Why does it matter, really? Because like it or not, the NDP are the best opposition party positioned to form a government. And when they do, I'd like to know that my government doesn't have positions at odds with legally binding court rulings and legislation, if and when separatists rise again. Or even if, let's say, one of our Western cousins starts letting things go to their heads.

Plus, it's always a good idea to question highly questionable policy. This is the big leagues, and every aspect of policy and every bit of ideology out of your party will be scrutinized, tested, and then nailed to a cross for everyone to see. And that's just what the media will do to you - you don't want to know what Stephen Harper's Conservatives have in store.

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