Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teddy's election projection for Ontario

I decided to make a map of my personal projection (IE not the official Blunt Objects projection) for the Ontario Election tomorrow evening. I'm not much for talking when there's a map involved, so without further adieu;


  1. I'm very happy to say I do not see any way, at all, that Hudak can win. Thank god.

  2. Fun facts: Combine the number of MPs and MPPs.

    If the Tories win 34 seats or more then they would hold a majority amongst this group. My Liberal minimum and NDP maximum would still leave the NDP 4 behind the Liberals. The Liberal max and PC min are 23 seats apart.

    Also note, if this matters, the Liberals have 8 senators and the Tories 13 (with 1 independent)