Friday, October 21, 2011

Take Off Your Partisan Hat For A Moment

In theory, I have no problems with either BigCityLib and Gritchik, two wonderful Libloggers who you need to read, I find their reactions to this video to a little... petty:

Both BCL and Gritchik point out the quality of the video, and Gritchik in particular alludes to the hypocrisy of some of the individuals, considering that they've either made stupid statements or voted against a just bill.

That's fair, but... really? I get that, hey, they could have a better quality video, but I seriously doubt this was an initiative done by the PMO or Conservative Party officials. More than likely, a few of these individuals got together and decided that, hey, this would be a good idea, anyone got a cellphone handy?

And on the whole ideological point - you can have opposing ideals to the LGBT community, and still support them living a bully-free, harassment-free life in this country. Why nitpick over the ideology when we can at least agree on what is a very important message?

On issues like this, we really need to take off our partisan hats every once in awhile. You might not agree with them, but these are fundamentally good people, and they sit on the right side on a matter like this. Really, I think we should be grateful we even have conservative politicians in this country who are willing to stand for this kind of message. One short trip over the border, and it's a whole 'nother ballgame.

Personally, I'm going to send off an email to my MP, Mike Wallace, who stars in the video (I say stars because the thumbnail for it is him), and thank him for supporting this initiative, because he deserves it.

And I say this as a deeply partisan Liberal. Get past what party they represent, get past what the media has highlighted about them, and realize that they wouldn't do this video unless they actually supported the cause behind it. That's what really matters.

It would have been better had they managed to get PMSH to do it - but whatever. The fact is this video shows that not everyone in the Conservative Party are assholes. Kudos to them, I say.

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