Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sneak Peak at the 2012 Liberal Convention.

Liberal members can go to the convention website at and vote on what issues they want to see presented. I got the e-mail and was one of the first to vote on the issues, so I've been tracking which resolutions have been leading for some time.

Currently in #3, is the "Comprehensive Plan for Post-Secondary Education" brought forward by Alberta and BC. It calls for the Liberals to "complete with the instatement of upfront grants and a national stipend program aimed at supporting the education of deserving students" and "offer current and future students opportunities to access education at any point in their career, including trades; and a work forgiveness program which would allow students to pay off their loans in exchange for work in designated communities, industries, and public initiatives."

Currently in #2 is the "Electoral Reform" brought forward by Ontario. It calls for "the current “first past the post” system, at the Electoral District level, be replaced by a Preferential Voting system, such that the Member of Parliament be selected by 50% plus 1 of the voters in each Electoral District;" and "the current Elections Canada formula for financial support to political parties be maintained based on the first choice cast on a ballot."

Related, is the #1 issue, which is also my #1 issue, "Preferential Balloting System", brought forward by Saskatchewan. It calls for the Liberals to "implement a preferential ballot for all future national elections."

#'s 2 and 1 are similar enough to end up getting merged at some point, and by leading, will certainly go to the convention. Not only that but it may well pass. A Preferential Ballot might help us in those close ridings, as we would be a popular #2 option. Perhaps more importantly is the damage this would do to the Bloc Quebecois. Should this become the law of the land, we will never again see a 54 seat Bloc.


  1. Will you be going to the convention?

  2. I haven't decided yet; Teddy I don't know.

  3. Apart from the electoral reform resolutions, and the Ontario one about a committee to examine pushing democracy down into membership ranks, the resolutions are dispiriting. For heavens sake, did we not get our butts kicked in three recent elections? Have not the Dippers formed the Official Opposition? Did not Harper get a majority with a minority of votes?

    Where are the game changing ideas? Where are the changes internally and in our policies and values to attract millions of Canadians back to the Liberal Party?

    What a depressing show!

  4. I think you're simplifying the situation, CC. We have zero in the way of leadership and zero reason to rush forward with new policy and revolutionary ideals - we've got well over three years to sort ourselves out, for heaven's sake.

    And fyi, where was the NDP's magnificent policy brought out in 2009 whereby they kicked ass and won over everyone's hearts? Oh right, they didn't have one - in fact, they did nothing new from what they've always done. The NDP just had Jack. Don't hold them up as an example of what we need to be, unless you want the whole wait-for-the-messiah syndrome to kick in again.

    And really, every election since 1917 except for one has been won on the plurality of votes (not the minority, minority would be if another party had alone gotten more than the Conservatives). No one really cares. Get over it.