Monday, October 31, 2011

Slow week...

So why not pick on Rick Perry?
"Rick Perry is going to go down in history for the all-time train wreck beginning. Because private polling in Iowa 40 days ago had him leading."
The Texas governor, former uber-star of the American tea partiers, is now at utter lows in key states leading up to the Republican primaries, sitting at just 7% in the most recent poll done in Iowa, the last time he broke 10% being at the beginning of October (11%). This is compared to the month of August, which had Perry between 20% and 29%, all first place finishes in the state. He follows July's GOP fling with Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who also sits below 10% in the majority of polls done in a state thought favourable to her since her decline.

The whole reason for this seems to be Perry's horrid performances whenever he's in front of a camera, and the shifting nature of the GOP's conservative base, jumping from Bachmann to Perry to Herman Cain, who barely anyone takes seriously (though maybe they should).

Perry is now so utterly irrelevant to the GOP field that he could drop out and I doubt anyone would care too much. The Bible-thumping, hard-right nature of this Texas governor was thought to be the winning concoction against the moderate Romney. Now it's gone down the same route as the folksy Alaskan red meat strategy, the common-sense Minnesotan backwoods mom strategy, and soon hopefully the libertarian CEO pizza guy strategy.


  1. I wouldn't put down Perry as hard right. He strikes me, with his stances and past history on immigrants, infrastructure, education, Al Gore, and a number of other events in his political career, to be closet pragmatist who's trapped in a political world where pragmatism is a sin, and has thus gone right to compensate

  2. I figured that at first too - but he might be your hard-right version of a pragmatist. I don't find him, like Romney, to be a Democrat-in-red-clothing who has to tack right to stay competitive - he just is right, he's just a smarter version of right. But don't mistake him for an out-and-out pragmatist.

  3. I think that it demonstrates how, (I don't know the right adjetive) . . . silly, ridiculous, irrelevant the Republican party has become when all they can muster for their presidential primaries is a handful or crazies and a bad used car salesman (aka Mitt Romney). Of course, given that Harper and his bunch are clearly in the crazy category, being crazy doesn't preclude people from office. But I suspect between the crazies and a president who has done less than any president I can think of since Calvin Coolidge, Americans will choose ineffectual over whacko.