Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sean Casey Stages Veterans Affairs Coup

The rookie MP for Charlottetown has just earned a special brownie point from me:
P.E.I. MP Sean Casey, who informed colleagues 48 hours beforehand he intended to bring forward a motion to study the effects of more than $200 million in cuts to a department mostly based in his province, told the chair Thursday he wasn't going to wait until the committee went in-camera at the end of the meeting to raise his point.

Instead, Casey, speaking in French, took the first opportunity he had to table his motion requesting the Committee suspend its current study on commemorating veterans and move instead to a study on the impact of the cuts.

The Veterans Affairs committee had quorum but the Tories were one MP shy of a majority at the early morning meeting so they lost the vote and the Liberal motion passed.
Can anyone say Rat Pack 2.0?

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  1. Good for him we need more people like that heading the Liberal party!