Monday, October 24, 2011

Re: Federal Tories need to do better

Fellow Liblogger Gritchik did a post up further clarifying her position on the whole "It Gets Better" video done by the federal Conservatives, and giving my post earlier a bit of a cameo:
"I disagree with Volkov – I don’t think that those Tories who voted against same-sex marriage made this video to share an anti-homphobia message. I’ll bet that if you asked Rona Ambrose, Vic Toews, Joy Smith and Deepak Obhrai, they would tell you that the video was about bullying. And Senator Meredith who has said that “being gay is a choice.”"
Well, disagreements are fair. But, if you read what I wrote...
"... you can have opposing ideals to the LGBT community, and still support them living a bully-free, harassment-free life in this country"
... you'll note that I never said they did it because they love the LGBT community, but that they share the key ideal that bullying and homophobia is wrong - and yes, I believe they do think homophobia is wrong, since homophobia = bullying, and it's a bit of a disconnect being a raging homophobe while opposing the bullying of homosexuals. And as I said, if these folks were really all that bad, they wouldn't do the video. Even if they were all that, then an anti-bullying message still deserves awesome kudos.

Yes, it's pretty clear from the Tim Harper/Dan Savage article that the Conservatives must do more to highlight an anti-bullying/homophobe program in Canada. That's clear, and I hope they do. Will they? Well, maybe, maybe not... but let's look at this another way.

The individuals in the video should not necessarily be looked at as representatives of the Conservative Party of Canada or the Canadian government, but as individuals. The fact is, I have serious doubts they were ever authorized and directed by the PMO or ConHQ to do the video. I don't know what happened behind-the-scenes, but I would guess that this was done of their own volition. The video quality, the random individuals and locations, and the fact that it was sent to the local chapter of It Gets Better in Ottawa - that all points towards this being the initiative of one or a few people, who felt it was the right thing to do, especially in light of Jamie Hubley's tragic death.

If it was representative of the Conservative gov't, you'd suspect the video quality to be a lot better, that there would be a set location for filming, and that you'd get more prominent personalities than Mike Wallace, Lois Brown, Alice Wong, David Sweet, and the random individuals at the beginning there, in the space of three or so minutes.

So, let's give credit where credit is due - to all the people who appeared in the video to send out an extremely important message. Not to the Conservative Party, not to the government, but to those individuals in particular. That's only fair.

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