Monday, October 31, 2011

Quebec's Just Looking For Love

Sadly, in all the wrong places.

As the above graphic shows, the swings in provincial politics in Quebec are absolutely amazing. Given the option of Francoise Legault or Gilles Duceppe, Quebecois go wild and vote en masse (as much as 35%~ can be considered "en masse") for them, and will apparently vote in droves in this hypothetical polling.

As noted by and my own little projection system, Legault and his Mystery Party/CAQ would win over 100 seats in his scenario, while under Duceppe the PQ would win 80-90 in his. Yes, the federal leader whose party they just rejected massively in May would storm the provincial scene and win the PQ it's largest majority ever. Right.

We all knew that Quebec was hurtin' for leadership, but this borders on ridiculousness. What's worse is that I doubt Jean Charest and the PLQ can lose - the man is pretty much a permanent fixture in the National Assembly.

The poll didn't offer up any Liberal scenarios, but I assume if Nathalie Normandeau decided to stage a comeback, the Liberals would be polling at massive, nearly 40% heights in the province.

Speaking of Normandeau, the by-election in her vacated seat of Bonaventure (out on the Gaspé) will be coming up eventually. Should be interesting, especially if a Legault-backed candidate decides to run.

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  1. Just a week ago I saw a poll that asked Quebecers if they would vote for a provincial NDP party. guess who many said yes 34%. Quebec is looking for something new and when it get's to see them that brand new "revolution" dies quickly