Monday, October 3, 2011

PEI Votes Liveblog

This shall be where I liveblog what what results I can from the PEI provincial election. If you want to follow along yourself, here's the official results table, or here at CBC. (fyi, all times are EDT)

5:52PM: No results yet! But just in case you don't know what "Districts 1, 2, 3" and so on are, the PEI Liberals provide an easy reference.

6:07PM: Advance polls show Liberals leading 59.3% to 35.6% for the PCs. NDP sit at 0.7%.

6:09PM: Liberals actually leading in all eight riding, including Ghiz'

6:11PM: Still advance polls, remember; and here's a map for those who need it. Also, the PCs are now on the board. NDP still doing bad, Greens doing OK.

6:15PM: Georgetown-St. Peter's, Tignish-Palmer Road, and Stratford-Kinlock going Conservative in advance polls

6:18PM: Liberals win a majority in the advance polls so far... Yay! It's 14-4, nine to come

6:25PM: Liberals sitting on 53-41 in terms of popular vote, but three incumbents are trailing so far

6:26PM: Uhoh, PCs on 5 seats now - that's one over before. Still advance polls, but that's getting to be a dangerous trend.

6:31PM: CBC projects a PEI Liberal government. Well, that was fun

6:35PM: PCs now on 7 seats. What does it mean?

6:44PM: Crane's PCs might get 6 or 8 seats on about the same amount of vote in 2007, hm..

7:10PM: PC's back down to five seats.

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  1. It didn't seem the Liberals were able to sweep the province as some had thought would happen. But the PC having one more seat than last time is nothing. They lost 2 seats in there traditional rural riding and won 3 seats where they usually lose big time, and 2 out of the 3 seats that they won was by no more than 30 votes. There may be recounts and best case scenario the PC get only 3 seats 1 one less than before. So in this election Liberals are clearly the winners. PC have almost nothing to brag about. The only parties that can claim small victories is the NDP and Greens which both picked up there vote share but only a little.
    Winners: Liberals
    Small victories: NDP and Green
    Losers: PC