Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Newfoundland and Yukon Vote 2011

You can watch the Newfoundland & Labrador results live here, and Yukon I'll update later on.

My own small projections for Newfoundland, at the current moment, are 39 PCs, 7 NDP, and 2 Liberals - respectively on 54%, 29.6%, and 16.4% of the vote.

I don't, however, totally endorse these numbers - there's a lot of local influences in Newfoundland that a swing projection like this can't predict. I will however predict that the NDP will surpass the Liberals easily, and could make a race of it in St. John's.

For the Yukon, the one thing to assume is that pollsters aren't likely anywhere near the result. I have no projection for this, and I will not even make a gut assumption - except that one of these three individuals will likely be Premier.

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