Thursday, October 13, 2011

NDP a Contender for Second in Alberta?

A couple of polls - one from Lethbridge College and the other from ThinkHQ - have come out in the last month or so which are starting to point towards a bit of an NDP bump in the province of Alberta.

I noted a few months ago that polling in Alberta seemed to be trending upwards for the Alberta NDP, led by Edmonton Highlands-Norwood MLA Brian Mason, going from an average of about 10% to 14% in three polls in a roll after the May 2011 election.

A few months later, after some major events unfolded in the province, the NDP are now up to 16% - in one poll managing to surpass the other Opposition parties, edging out the Wildrose Party by 0.2% for second place in the Lethbridge poll.

This is a situation similar to Newfoundland and Labrador's, where the fact was everyone knew the Progressive Conservatives would win, but the race for second was pretty interesting.

In Alberta's case, the PCs under new premier Alison Redford are once again on top by a safe amount (40% and 47.7% in the two polls). The race for second is between the NDP and the Wildrose Party, while the current Official Opposition, the Alberta Liberals led by former PC MLA Raj Sherman, sit in fourth place.

While the ThinkHQ poll puts the difference between the Wildrosers (24%) and the NDP (16%) as a lot larger, the fact is that the NDP are clearly aiming for second place again. They did it before - Ray Martin is even making a comeback it seems - and it's not outside of anyone's imagination that they could do it again.

Too bad the election is so far away.

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