Sunday, October 2, 2011

Andrea Horwath Lied

And if she's lying about her son's visit to the hospital - something involving a member of her family - then how can we expect to believe anything else she says?

We can't, simple as that.

h/t GritChik


  1. Unfortunately, if we decided that we were only voting for people who didn't vote we would all be staying home. We certainly wouldn't vote Liberal whose party leader's very first important act was demonstrate that he was a liar by bringing in the health tax. Hudak has clearly established himself as a liar - leaving us three choices, not to vote, to vote for a liar, or vote for a fourth party in which the leader has not yet been able to establish him or her self as a liar. Thus, if we vote, most of us will vote not based on the integrity of the leader but on those policies which we hope will be best for the largest number of people.

  2. Correct, kirbycairo. Take The Star's advice and vote for the liar who will do the best job! And it ain't hudak or Horwath.

  3. What would be more disturbing.... Horwath lied or she didn't really understand what happened. (Apparently, her son told her a day after what happened, so she got the news second-hand.)

    There are other things that bug me about Horwath. She doesn't appear to have a strong hold on policy.

    During a visit this week to The Globe and Mail’s editorial board, Ms. Horwath confused details of her platform, including implying that a cap on the salaries of public-sector executives would save $20-million, and an acknowledgment that she wasn’t sure to what the figure referred.

    The part that bugs is that this is NDP policy. Shouldn't she have a grip on it. Plus, according to the Ontario Hospital Association, the numbers don't work out.