Sunday, October 2, 2011

Alison Redford to become Premier of Alberta

Redford has defeated Gary Mar to become the new PC Leader, and default, Alberta Premier. I knew there was some backlash after all 3 lower-placing candidates all endorsed Mar, despite having radically differing views, but this is a shocker for me! Redford won on the final ballot 37,104 to 35,491 for Mar. Media reports that she ran a, quote "Progressive" campaign. The first ballot had Redford just shy of 29 thousand votes, and Mar at 33. Doug Horner had 16 thousand, and it was his second-preference ballots that made Redford the winner, breaking 2-to-1 for Redford.

Compared to the previous round, Mar managed to gain 9 thousand ballots, and 2 percentage points in the first ballot (the one today/yesterday) whereas Redford managed to nearly triple her totals, helped in part by the fact that 22 thousand more people voted in this ballot than did in the previous one.

This could mean trouble for the Alberta Liberals, as Redford is closer to Sherman on the issues than Mar is, and could be good news for Wildrose. It also means that Alberta now has it's first female Premier, and that Canada now has 3 female premiers (BC, Alberta, Newfoundland) with the possibility for more depending on election results in Ontario, and PEI.


  1. If the polls don't turn around (and I hope they do, Wildrose is insane, I wouldn't wish them even on Alberta) then there's a good chance that Alberta's next election will have it's two front-runners be female. Compare that to Newfoundland which has the same situation, and I'd say it's good news for equality!

  2. Mar had 24K on the ballot way back a few weeks ago, but the people who endorsed him had a combined 15K, which adds up to 39K. Even on the final ballot, Mar only took 35.5K Clearly the endorsements did not follow.

  3. Her election also puts Wildrose in trouble. The party had been depending on not only sweeping rural areas, which would give it a good share of seats, but also winning in Calgary. With a Calgarian as Premier, that will be much more difficult, while the Liberals, and even the NDP, still have a free hand in Edmonton.

  4. Having a "progessive" PC leader running against a "reform" like wildrose will go like this. The Liberals and the NDP will be confined into Edmonton. Calgary will go for PC, but the Rural riding if the wildrose get's lucky will split. This means that theoretically we will have hung parliament in Alberta. I call that great news, but this is only if the Wildrose can keep it's numbers up of course.

  5. The Liberals and NDP are history in Edmonton with Alison at the helm. Calgary is not a slam-dunk since Danielle is also from Calgary and the oil companies have legitimate reason to fear someone like Alison.

    If Alison get's a majority, Alberta will be Canada's most progressive province and she will become Harper's heir. Getting that majority is going to very difficult.