Monday, September 26, 2011

Yvon Godin Only Wants Democracy For Some

Yvon Godin, the irritable member for Acadie-Bathurst, apparently only wants democracy for some in the NDP:
Mulcair suggested Monday that perhaps the party could engage in a province-wide membership drive to ensure Quebec has more say.

"For me this makes no sense," Godin said enthusiastically. "There are people who want to present themselves in the leadership, well they have seven months to do their job. In Quebec, there are 59 MPs, they have seven months to go get members. It is not up to the party to take a decision to go to a specific province (to sell memberships)."

Godin added that he had never heard such an argument. "I've never seen this, I do not even know why this question was asked. It is not even normal that a question like this. It is not correct," he said

Topp appeared slightly uncomfortable.
So, it makes no sense for the New Democratic Party, of which over half of its caucus is made up of Quebec MPs, to not push forward to lead the party from just over 1% membership in said province, to a slightly more proportional amount?


This was said as Godin and another MP came out to support Topp's leadership race, and the other MP's comments are laughable in their own right. But the fact that Godin insists its up to the MPs in Quebec to get supporters, or hey, you're out of luck, is ridiculous for a party that insists on proportional representation.

When did Godin become such a pusher for the do-it-yourself philosophy espoused by Conservatives and libertarians?

No wonder Topp was uncomfortable - it's pretty easy to see past Godin's cynical attitude.


  1. Godin is correct here. Mulcair is now showing his true colours. As they say in French: Gros parleur; petit faiseur. Mulcair loves to talk a big game but when push comes to shove, he's a coward. Perhaps it's a good thing everybody learns this now, as that is a terrible trait in a leader, particularly in one we would hope would beat Harper one day.

    Truth is, Mulcair et al (Quebec MPs) had all summer to start building from that 59 seat win. It was over the summer, Mulcair et al should've started selling memberships, if for no other reason, but to solidify the party's place in the province. That was never done.

    Another thing to point out, another Quebec NDP MP, somewhat lesser known than Mulcair, Romeo Saganash doesn't seem to have those same fears and isn't whining like Mulcair--he's jumped right into the leadership ring. That's gotta tell you something. He probably won't win--not necessarily due to lack of Quebec memberships but because the race is probably already stacked in Topp's favour with Broadbent's endorsement. But at least, Saganash is taking a crack at it without whining or making excuses.

  2. I know he's right - but he's right in the right sense, not the NDP sense.

    And so far, CK, I see no indication that the NDP shunning Mulcair and Quebec in general will do them any favours whatsoever. I don't get the fascination with Topp - why does everyone assume he has it wrapped up? It's far from that, unless they go ahead and allow this gross misconduct Godin implies to come forward, and completely disenfranchise your province.

  3. Oh, I'm not saying Topp would make a great leader. In fact, I don't get why the party is gung ho for him at all. I was merely pointing out what was. I merely said that an endorsement from Ed Broadbent, the star elder, hisself, has pretty much cinched it, along with other stars like Roy Romanow. How does anyone compete with such heavy weight endorsements? Remember, Jack Layton wasn't the caucus favourite for the most part back in 2003--Bill Blaikie was. Pretty much Ed Broadbent's endorsement pushed Layton through back then.

    As for disenfranchising my province, believe me, the Harpercons are doing a lot worse to us, and will continue to do so. If the NDP continues in this direction and frankly, I don't see any leader, not even Mulcair (contrary to popular belief, Mulcair gets 0, nada! credit for the Quebec sweep--it was Jackmania all the way--le bon jack), can hold all those seats. I can't see the Liberals getting anywhere with even the soft nationalists/borderline federalists still. I predict the return of the Bloc, or another Quebec centric party will form.

  4. Well, CK - I kind of agree with you on that point. I don't think the Bloc is done yet.

    But, I guess my faith in my enemy's longevity is stronger that yours?