Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wrezesnewsky for Leader?

That's according to an article in the Epoch Times, which is some sort of online newspaper that I've never heard of before and doesn't do a heck of a lot of fact checking.

Borys Wrezesnewsky, the former MP for Etobicoke Centre who just barely lost his riding to Conservative Ted Optiz, is apparently considering a leadership bid in time for 2013, depending how things go in the meantime inside the Liberal Party.

But before he does that, he's taking on the establishment of the Liberals, aka "the elites":
“It’s not a private club, it belongs to the Canadian people and it’s part of the democratic process. And we have an incredible opportunity after the devastation of this last party and the slap-down that this establishment received for having parachuted Michael Ignatieff into the riding and then into the leadership of the party.”

Ignatieff landed in his Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding in Toronto for the 2004 election. He took the Liberal leadership by acclaim after Bob Rae bowed out of an irregular leadership race that reduced voting to the Liberal caucus, riding association presidents, and some others—but not the entire party membership.
That's an interesting take on the situation, though small things like Ignatieff being in the 2006 election, not 2004, and what the heck is that about that last sentence? When did we end up having our voting rights reduced as compared to what it always has been (but will be changed by 2013)? What?

Anyways, none of that is important - facts rarely are - but you can somewhat smell the tone Borys, if he chooses to run, will bring to the leadership race. He's going go try to rally the anti-establishment vote of the Party, kick all the rotten buggers out, and hope it'll be enough.

Which is funny coming from a man who has been in the Liberal caucus since 2004, and not as the "outsider" he positions himself to be (he worked with Ignatieff as the "Special Adviser on Emerging Democracies," was always a critic whenever I saw the critic's list, so...). Granted, he's done a couple things that went against the grain, and he should be commended for it - but Tom Wappel did it more. Just sayin'.

Anyways, if he runs, all the better to him because we all need the anti-establishment candidate, and he was a good MP, and will be again when the next election comes around. Is he leadership material? Well, I don't know - not yet, anyways. But it never hurts to try.

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