Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking On the Dolts - Highly Skilled Immigrant Tax Credit Edition

Here's a selected line from the wonderful new platform released by Dalton McGuinty's Liberals yesterday:
"Immigration is another Ontario advantage. The quicker we engage the skills newcomers have when they arrive, the quicker they will succeed. We’ll create a tax credit for business to give our highly skilled newcomers the Canadian work experience they need."
This, to me, reads that the Ontario Liberals will introduce a tax credit for businesses who take the opportunity to hire highly skilled immigrants who come to Ontario. I know enough of these people, given that I work at a taxi company, who are doctors, lawyers, and technicians in various fields, but cannot find jobs, either because they lack Canadian accreditation, or they're simply not being hired in that field for whatever reasons.

McGuinty's plan is to offer an incentive to change that. Good, right? You could read it other ways - like it's affirmative action - and you'd probably be right. However, if finding highly skilled individuals is affirmative action, then so be it, I guess.

So, how does that turn into this drivel:
"Imagine this: A company is hiring staff. There are two applicants. One is a young person recently arrived in this country, speaking little English. He or she has no background and no history of working and paying taxes in this country.

The other applicant is a young person who was educated here. Who’s paying taxes. Whose parents paid taxes and who’ve contributed to this community in countless ways. The young person probably has a student debt.

Who’ll get the job? Well, McGuinty’s just given employers 10,000 reasons to hire the newcomer."

Christina Blizzard is, like the majority of Sun columnists, an idiot, but that article takes the cake.

As I said, the promise was vague enough to come to that conclusion, but she blatantly pulled the situation out of nowhere and made utter shit-stained hyperbole out to be a fact.

This is what passes for media these days? Critical thought and review of what could be a worthy debate in this province (should we push for immigrants to are skilled to get better jobs when they come over)?

And really, think about what she is saying, aside from the bullshit. There's a question here whether she's playing affirmative action for homegrown Ontarians. She makes it out that someone who is homegrown, whether better qualified or not, should get the job over this random newcomer.

What? That's your reasoning, Christina? Appealing to familiarity, nationalism, or whatever you want to call it? Awesome

Say, I've lived here my entire life. You're an immigrant by admission. In your world, even if I did write utter crap, I should be hired over you. I'll remember that for the future.

Of course, how could I write anything worse than that?


  1. While the Liberals may have good intentions with their tax-credit promise, they created a problem by being vague about how the tax-credit would actually work in practice. This has opened the doors for others like Christina Blizzard to describe how the tax-credit will work.

    My strong advice for the Liberals is to clarify this proposal very quickly. Otherwise, few Ontarians will be listening to their other promises on health, education, and the economy.

  2. I agree, Skinny Dipper. 100%. Good intentions, but very vague/

  3. I just heard McGuinty on CP24 in Toronto. He stated that the tax-credit would be used to help new Canadians who have certification in other countries but need experience to gain Canadian professional certification. I am assuming that the money would not go to "Joe's Pizza" so that it can employ a new Canadian at a lower cost than other Canadians. McGuinty needs to be clear about this issue ASAP.

  4. The Conservatives are parading a group of new-Canadian Conservatives in front of the camera and we're suddenly going to forget that Hudak recently referred to them as a bunch of 'foreigners'. In Hudak's mind these people are not even Canadians. Burlington Tory candidate Jane McKenna sums up the Conservative view when he was quoted Friday as asking: “When did we become the party for immigrants?”

    The Conservative are attacking McGuinty for attempting to help some CANADIANS gain employment. A 4 year pilot programme with a maximum cost of 12 Million (out of a budget of 100 billion) for 1000 - 1200 new CANADIANS who here been here for five years or less and have offshore creditials that could be equivilent to as an Accountant an CGA or RIA, as a Lawyer an LLB, as an Architect or Engineer. The people that may be assisted are the cream of the newcomers.

    It was Tim Hudak, who recently said the "province has high rates of unemployment at the same time as a shortage of skilled workers". Yet, when McGuinty does something that would not only help some Ontarions gain emplyment AND fill the demand for some of those skilled workers, the Conservatives attack him for it. It appears that Hudak is a hypocrite as well as a bigot.

    What the Liberals are offering is no different than that monetary incentive which is offered to business' for hiring a student straight out of school. Like new immigrants, these student have no canadian experience and they need help getting their foot in the first door. Just go to the Government of Canada website and search under "Grants and Finances" for Canadian business, you will find more than 60 wage subsidies available for companies that hire co-op students, recent graduates, or unemployed citizens. This is hardly a new idea to help people get their foot in the door.

    The Conservatives new video says that the tax incentive is "Only for FOREIGN workers. Ontario workers need not apply". It's obvious that Hudak is playing the race card and emphasizing the 'them versus us' mentality. What the Conservatives seem unable to understand is that this incentive is for Canadian citizens only. These new Canadians ARE Ontario workers.

    Hudak’s deep offence at this Liberal policy plank seems to be recent. In 2010, he tabled a private member’s bill that called for a “newcomers employment opportunity tax credit.” It certainly proves that the PC leader believes new immigrants need special help to fit into the Canadian workforce. Just not the Liberal kind.