Friday, September 30, 2011

Sid Ryan = Deal Del Mastro, NDP = Conservative

Need proof that the NDP and Conservatives are more similar than not? Let me offer this up:

The Ontario Federation of Labour has commissioned a new poll that shows New Democrats leading or competitive in a number of key ridings.

OFL President Sid Ryan said Thursday that the organization hired the same firm responsible for a recently published poll, Forum Research Inc., but the results were quite different.

“I didn’t believe it,” Ryan said of the previous poll, that showed strong NDP incumbents in trouble in their ridings.

The OFL used the same firm, the same questions, but asked twice as many people their voting intentions, he said.

“We used the same company so people can’t say that the methodology is any different,” Ryan, a former NDP candidate, said.

The poll found “convincing leads” for the NDP in five of the nine ridings surveyed.
Then Del Mastro's version:
Peterborough’s Dean Del Mastro – who jumped into the provincial campaign at its outset when he bashed a Liberal plan to provide tax credits to employers to hire immigrants – is back in the spotlight after hiring a polling company to provide a second opinion on a poll published by a local twice-weekly newspaper on Friday.

... The Peterborough This Week telephone poll suggested Liberal candidate Jeff Leal had a 45.5-per-cent share of the vote compared to 28 per cent for Progressive Conservative candidate Alan Wilson. 

“I was deeply concerned that publishing numbers in the fashion as presented on the cover of a weekly large circulation paper could significantly suppress voter participation,” he said. “The methodology was not released and the responses could have just as easily been provided by six-year-olds as registered voters.” 

The newspaper’s poll saw 629 people respond via an automated phone poll. Mr. Del Mastro’s poll, meanwhile, has the two in a dead heat at 34 per cent each.
And you know that all the New Democrats (and some Liberals) who attacked Del Mastro for commissioning a poll because it wasn't what he wanted will turn a blind eye to Sid Ryan's same tactic.

Ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with commissioning polls, but because you don't like the results you saw!? Politicians.

What should be more amusing is the fact that riding-by-riding polls are not exactly 100%, or even 50% accurate! Don't believe them! Or you'll end up like these idiots.


  1. Sample sizes of nearly 700 per riding are very high, though, Volkov.

  2. The issue isn't Forum - the issue is how hypocritical people are.