Saturday, September 10, 2011

Provincial Polling

Teddy here. I've complied the most recent polls I can find for all provinces and placed it on a simple grid.

A note on Quebec, the new party is not polled within the 100%.


  1. New party? Francois Legault's little coalition isn't even a party yet. Personally, I find it quite strange that Quebec pollsters include Legault's little group--it skews the results somewhat. Simply put, many will root for the guy who has no responsibility or hope of forming government or a fictitious element.

    I really wonder how well Legault and his little coalition will fair when they actually become a full fledged party.

    I remember Francois Legault in his Pequeste days. He never had any popularity to speak of.

  2. This is why I did not include him within regular polling. If his party is included the other parties drop, of course, to fit within 100%. I wanted to include it, however, as the pollsters and pundits talk a lot about it. Frankly, the reason he is doing so well is because he has no party - there is nothing "wrong" for him to do, because he is not doing a single thing.