Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Open Question to Halton Region NDP Candidates

Will you follow the spoken and written word of your leader, Andrea Horwath, directing you to not use Jack Layton's legacy and untimely death for your own electoral advantage?

Or, will you do as Cheri DiNovo and other candidates do, and completely ignore what she said and do it anyways?

Doesn't seem like Andrea cares that much about it, so why not?

I await your ambiguous response.


  1. shorter - no, and why should NDP stop evoking Jack's vision - and why would NDP listen to a so obvious liberal strategy!

  2. A Liberal strategy? It's Andrea's strategy! You don't even listen to your leader?

  3. How about a compromise: the NDP gets to evoke Jack Layton's legacy and vision, and the Liberals get to evoke Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff. Sounds fair to me.

  4. The fact of the matter is that the Ontario Liberal party is probably partying hard that Layton died. Had he been alive he probably would have been a big factor in these elections. This is just their try of squeezing him out quicker now that he is dead!

    Just because the Libs and the Tories have nothing but shame in their past doesn't mean the NDP has to restrain from using its own legacy.

    It is not the NDP's fault that while its past leaders include the likes of Layton and Tommy Douglas (father of Canada's universal health-care), the Liberals have Jean (Sponsorship) Chretien and the Tories have Brian (envelopes-of-cash) Mulroney.