Friday, September 2, 2011

Libby Davies for NDP Leader

Yes, just, yes.

Pick out the most left-leaning NDP leader you can think of, and Libby Davies is still farther left. She makes Andrea Horwath look like Mike Harris (or does she do that herself?).

Actually, Libby Davies would be an interesting contestant. She does good work for the homeless, but she has a lot of controversy surrounding her, not the least being the Israeli issue. Generally the less controversial a leader - and no one can say Jack was terribly controversial - then the better it is, especially for a party that the Conservatives are just waiting to start calling "wild-eyed socialists" again. She also isn't very.... charismatic. In fact, she reminds me a lot of Lizzy May, without the energy.

Also in Dipper Leadership news, the Party is going to push for Quebec members. Remember I said somewhere before how they might have less than 30% of their actual card-carrying members from Quebec?

Well, I should have said less than 3%, because only 2,000 members actually exist in the province. Which means that there are 98,000 other members outside of the province.

Holy shit, is that ever a steep hill to climb. The NDPQ is going to have zero influence unless its a weighted vote in their favour or they're given a lot more time than just a few months. I mean, maybe they can get a good number, maybe even increase it to 25% of total memberships - which would require an increase of 30,000 members, just to be clear - but that's not very proportional to the size of Quebec's influence on the NDP right now.

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  1. Its generally refered to as the NPD in Quebec not NDPQ. Libby Davies would add alot to the debate, but would be much less likely to win. Megan Leslie or Peggy Nash are the more likely to win then Libby, because they speak french.