Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let the Green Revolution Begin!

First, they start having riding associations dropping like flies, plus an entire provincial party and almost two.

Then, the leader sidesteps a constitution-mandated review of her time in office, thereby shutting down any challengers.

After that, they go into an election, win a seat, but lose nearly 50% of their voters and any other prospective seats.

Now, one of their provincial party leaders just jumped ship to the New Democrats on the eve of an election call.

Yes, I can see this movement getting far.

h/t Buckdog.


  1. Given the party regularly gets somewhere between 2% and 5% of the vote, and the stories you quote are from the last two years, I'd say the Greens are doing rather well.

  2. you should look at there history. in 1997 they got 0.43% of the national vote. In 2000 they reached almost a full 1%. They did this all without much money. In 2004 they got 4.5% and they matched that number again in 2006. In 2008 they reached 7% and now they have a solid 4% with one seat in parliament. It's easy to say they have lost some votes in this election, but the Green Party has all in all shown that it has grown tremendously over the past 2 decades, and could very well do much better in the next election especially since they are going to be in the debates.

  3. the media that controls the rules of the debates did all of us a dis-service by saying that the Greens should be excluded from the debate because they didn't have an MP - the real benchmark should be official party status. It they had set it correctly we could have been done with two regional and less than relevant parties, at least in the English language debate.

  4. I consider the Greens of modern day to be like the Socialist/Labour movement of 100 years ago. I uurge you to compare election results. I really feel that by 2050 the Greens will be the major "left-wing" party in this country (though the "left" of 2070 will be as different from 1970 as the left of 1970 was from the left of 1870)

    The only way for the Liberals, or the NDP for the matter, to be that party, is to take over the Green Party, either in reality by merging with it, or by "taking over" the Green part of the movement, much like the Liberals did to the left-wing movement (Which is why it took 80 years longer for the "Labour Party" to replace the "Liberals" here than it did in other anglo countries like the UK, Australia, or NZ)