Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Crushing the Liberal fortress of Toronto in a pincer movement"

This is a quote from political pundit Robin Sears, describing in highly accurate military terms, what exactly happened in the May election that finally destroyed the Good Ship Liberal:
In the final week, Layton’s surge prompted changes in all three campaigns. The Bloc and the Liberals attacked the NDP with a series of hilariously bad attack ads, the most hilarious being a Liberal claim that Layton and Harper were “two sides of the same coin.” Harper attacked the prospect of a Layton-led coalition, flipping Ignatieff into the junior role. This helped spook some Liberals into voting Conservative, especially in suburban Toronto. Ironically, it helped other Liberals decide to vote for the NDP as likely winners. In the GTA ridings in and around Toronto, the combined impact was a blue army from the north and an orange army from the south, crushing the Liberal fortress of Toronto in a pincer movement.
I got this quote in an absolutely in-depth article from Alice Funke over at Pundit's Guide. Read it, and you'll understand more than you ever wanted to know about the May election which has nearly felled the Liberal giant.


  1. Thanks for the citation, Volkov, though I think you have a typo in the other cited author's name.

  2. Heh, good point! I've got that fixed.