Monday, August 29, 2011

The Stop Mulcair Movement

Just so everyone knows, I think it exists. It exists in all parties, when the supposed "front-runner" of a leadership battle who tends to be the opposite of what the old leader or a significant portion of the party was/wants gains an anti-movement.

To put it into easy perspective, it's happening right now in the US. The focus on the GOP leadership race is who will be the "anti-Romney," or if the polls keep going as they are, the "anti-Perry." That's just how it is.

I expect there will be an "anti-Rae" candidate, if the man was running in the Liberal leadership race. There was an "anti-Iggy" movement, after all. Same with Chretien, Harper, Clark, etc. There's an anti- someone out there for the front runners.

And I definitely believe Thomas Mulcair is the current front runner in the NDP, don't you? He's a deputy leader, you can just tell he has leadership ambitions, and he represents and practically birthed the current NDP Quebec caucus, which I might add makes up well over 50% of the caucus, but likely represents barely 30% of NDP members. That right there makes it even more interesting - the fact that the NDP membership, mostly left-leaning ROC anglophones, need their own candidate against the francophone Quebecois who's just a little bit to the right of the party.

It's a perfect storm for an anti-Mulcair. Just you wait. I can even picture who it is.


  1. Given Jack Layton's popularity and success was largely built on his amiability, NDP members would be unbelievably foolish to let a man like Mulcair get the reins of the party and kill everything Layton built.

  2. Well, you are right in a way, kirby. There is an argument there.

    But there's also the fact that Mulcair is the politician's politician, and he is suited to the role of party leader in the way that someone like Jean Chretien was. If it had been the NDP in power, he would likely end up as multi-talented as Chretien as well.

    That's the kind of guy that might make the NDP just a tad more effective than it currently is. Maybe that's what they need. Jack's legacy for the party is great, but its a different ballgame now. Maybe Mulcair is the player best suited for it.