Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Someone Should Do a Shakedown On That Poll

In a somehow unsurprising result, an online poll of the greatest Canadian political book in the last 25 years ended up giving Ezra Levant's "Shakedown" the top spot.

Take a moment to let that settle. This book, a, erm.... "description" of how our focus on human rights is undermining the ability for a government to run over it's citizens, and something that now thinking back on it, reminds me a lot of this guy's idealism, won an award as the best political book in the country.

Not only is the very idea of it offensive, Levant's writing reminds me more of a scorned schoolchild with little reason to be angry and little time for other people and their insignificant opinions. Just watch his "show" and you'll see what I mean.

It's not that I even think any of the books on the finalist list was very good - though I haven't admittedly read most, including Harperland. However, I have read Shakedown and I figure no other book out there could be as useless as that sensationalist piece of crap, so it boggles my mind how it won anything, let alone the title of "best political book."

My guess? Someone asked folks to bomb the hell out of that online poll in favour of Levant's POS. I won't claim it, but I have my suspicions.

My choice, you ask? That would have been Divided Loyalties, an excellent description of the reason why the Liberals are where we are today.

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