Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello, Teddy here. I've prepared a graphic that combines the two recent polls (that Volkov posted on earlier) as well some past results to help even things out. Note that I've also adjusted the end results of this poll averaging by one or two points to show when and where parties are statistically tied.

Good news for the Liberals in Ontario where we continue to outperform the NDP. Once the fall returns and polling becomes more often I hope to be able to share more such graphics with all of you!

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  1. I can't for the life of me figure out what's holding the NDP back in Ontario. Since the election (and including it I might add) no poll has shown the NDP a full point ahead of the Liberals in Ontario. Why? Does it have to do with Bob Rae's government in said province? Considering that the Rae-lead Liberals have been improving in the province I think that's a bit of a misleading thought. Could it be that Layton does not have pull in his home province? Considering the Turmel NDP has only changed it's polling numbers outside the province I'd also said no.

    Beyond this, is the Conservatives. 44% in the election. Normally when the old PC Party was in government, they did far better than this in Ontario. Something is again holding them back; despite the fact that they "swept" the province. I for one would expect them to be doing better than this.

    If anyone else has ideas or thoughts on the issue I'm all ears. Is it that Ontarians are Liberals at heart? Is it that we've reached the ultimate low for the Liberals in the province at 25%, and that the room to grow is limitless?