Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nycole Turmel: Marrying Separatists

Well, not literally, though she was apparently a member of both the now-tiny Bloc Quebecois, and the little communist separatist party, Quebec Solidaire.

Is this a high revelation? Well, there's the fact that she never mentioned it before; that's somewhat of an issue, given the controversies before, because why would you keep it under wraps especially when you know the media is hungry for it? No matter what random reasons were given. There's also the fact that she was a member of Quebec Solidaire up until... today.

Turmel has said she is a stringent federalist, however, one has to really wonder whether that's true anymore. I did, because hey, the BQ and QS do have other goals. But to become a member of both these parties, rather than just turning your union to endorse them in a sort of half-hearted manner.... that indicates commitment. But commitment to what?

However, in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing very new to any of the federal parties. Look at the tool that was Jean Lapierre and the current one Denis Lebel to see proof of how much the "temporary ad hoc rainbow coalition" permeates politics in Quebec. It's a bit of a crock, really.

That being said, Turmel would not last long in the permanent leader's chair, that's for sure. She'd be eaten alive by the Conservative ads.


  1. Hey, she said she was not a federalist. She didn't want to join a party in the first place that believed in the federalist movement. I think what you wrote is rather interesting, and I jumped to the conclusion. I agree with what you said though and disagree. She should resign

  2. Hm, where did you hear about her not wanting to join a party with federalist intentions?

  3. The part that's interesting about being a current Quebec Solidaire member is that during the election she said that she supported Quebec Solidaire before it declared itself a sovereigntist party.

  4. Ohh that's mighty interesting to be sure. Why would she make such a distinction yet keep her membership? And anyways, QS has always been separatist - it came out of the Communists and the QC NDP and the UFP, all avowed separatists.