Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marlene Jennings on Merger

Hi, Teddy here. I thought this quote was interesting, so I thought I'd share it with all of you.
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"The NDP did not come out of the Liberal Party. It's always been a completely independent movement," defeated MP Marlene Jennings said. "I think if there's a merger we should be possibly looking at the Green Party. On the environment we have a lot of similarities."


  1. Personally, I support a merger with the Greens, however I know that Volkov has been opposed. I thought it'd be fair however to show that the one thing all of us agree on is that merging with the NDP is a terrible idea.

  2. merger with Greens? What on earth for? The purpose of a merger with another party is to prevent vote splitting and to gain more seats to beat a common foe. The Greens don't win seats. Never have. Never will. Thus, no really vote splitting danger with them, now, is there?

    Nope, eventually, and I hope soon, that the NDP and Liberals realize something important; and I do mean, far more important than their allegiance to their parties, and that is the prevention of Harper further taking a wrecking ball to the country. They can't do it while swiping at each other. They must cooperate with each other. They should learn that my enemy's enemy is my friend.

  3. The Greens have won a seat, and beyond that, are a worldwide movement. When we ate the Progressives they were not a threat, but, by the 1940's Labour movements had taken over the left worldwide, except here in Canada, were us Liberals gobbled them up. I argue we need to do the same to the Greens, and soon, or they will displace both us and the NDP by 2050.

  4. CK
    if all the green votes went to the Liberals in may 2nd we would have gained at least over 12 seats from the Conservatives and the NDP.

    And while I do agree in working with the Greens and helping them I would also very much agree CONSIDERING a merger with the Greens, as long as we don't completely flip on our beliefs of the center. I would agree altering our policies on democratic reform and environment issue's everything else we mostly share the same values, but have different policies. in summery the devil is in the detail I say let's look at a possible merger, but let's not destroy our party as the party the progressive center.

  5. CK,

    The enemy of my enemy may be my friend, but only so long as that enemy is a threat.

    What do you honestly expect to happen to any Liberal-Democrat party the second they get government and beat the Conservatives? Just think about it. It wouldn't last for very long, not unless we as the L-D version of the strongman that is Stephen Harper.

    No, the fact is that the Lib-NDP merger idea is a political quick fix just slightly more sophisticated than thinking switching leaders is a winning idea. It ignores the real problems of the Opposition - a lack of appealing brands - in favor of attempting to muddle Canada's political system in a move that likely won't work in the end.

  6. And no, a united centre left movement is not necessarily and appealing brand. You can have a united left with crappy leaders very easily. The Conservatives have no issue with that.