Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jimmy K the Multiculturalism Critic

Let me say off the bat that I don't know Jim Karygiannis, but from all accounts of people I know that do, he's apparently a nice guy.

However, these accusations leave one wondering what the heck is exactly going on over in Scarborough-Agincourt. Jimmy K, the Liberal Party's multiculturalism critic, has been accused of a various smattering of things, from abusing civil staffers to racial slurs (of a sort). These aren't good things to have hanging around your neck.

Now, it isn't that I assume these people are lying or exaggerating what they're saying, but one has to wonder a few things:

1. Karygiannis has been an MP since 1988. Have there been other complaints like this? Given his time in office, if this was an ongoing matter, you would think there would be earlier statements regarding his behavoir. Are there?

2. Not to point out, but Harry Tsai is the Con candidate that went up against him in 2011. He does have an unbiased role to fill as head of that Taiwanese organization, but it'd be nice if there were factual evidence to support the claims.

3. I've seen no indications that championing causes such as declaring the Armenian genocide real or calling FYROM Macedonians "Skopjans", considering the context of their odd, kind of silly name wars (it is, just admit it), prove this spiteful attitude Karygiannis is supposed to have. Maybe a little PC-insensitive, but, seriously, get over it.

(The "Skopjans" one is very confusing too, considering that either people want him to offend one side or the other - what the hell?)

Its because of these doubts, which could be cleared away by proper evidence, that I'd say the Party would be right to stand behind Jimmy K. There are some serious flaws to be addressed in these arguments against him.

Of course, the second they prove true - except for #3, which is a contextual thing - then boot him.

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  1. My personal thought on "Skopjans"

    You, the reader of this, do not get to decide what the name of the country I live in is. Nor does Volkov, the admin of this website. The only people who get to decide what the name of my country is, are my countrymen. People who live in a country get to pick it's name. If some country decided to change it's name to Poopyland, then it is now Poopyland. If people who live in this country call it Macedonia, then it is Macedonia, weather or not there's another Macedonia out there. In fact if there were two countries, independent countries, that called themselves Macedonia, then that is the name of both. You can add a qualifier, if there is confusion, but that is not the name of the country. for example. There are two Congos. We don't call one of them Zaire because the other Congo wants us to, so why do we call Macedonia something else because Greece wants us to? Frankly, if Canada decided to change it's name to Greece, then Greece (the Athens one) would and should have no say in the matter. It's our country. Live with it.