Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack Layton 1950-2011

This is sad, sad news - a man who dedicated his life to serving people, whether during his time on the Toronto City Council to his grand achievements in federal politics, has passed away at way too soon. After how hard he worked for his dreams and then how finally came to those great heights, it is absolutely heartbreaking. It's almost unbelievable.

I didn't agree with the man on many levels, but there's no one out there that can deny how much respect he deserved for everything he did and everything he changed. Canada has lost someone special.

This being said, it will make our turbulent political times even more fluid as we enter the fall session. A by-election in Toronto, a new leadership race, questions over the face and branding of a party - all of it the result of the loss of the presence of a great man.

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