Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Ol' Fashion NDP Arrogance

“With respect, of all the hurdles we have to clear to form the next government of Canada, the Liberals in Toronto-Danforth is not one of them.” - NDP spokesperson Brad Lavigne.

Don't you just miss the old days when it was us being accused of arrogance?

This quote I got from Impolitical, who has a great article on the article by Jane Taber (ick) about the by-election possibilities in Toronto-Danforth. I agree 100% with the conclusions, that while Apps is right to stand behind his party, we need to paint ourselves as the underdog - exactly what Layton did. We're the third party, the one everyone derides. Why not show them why we were once called Canada's natural governing party? We know how to win, and it's dangerous to underestimate us.


  1. hmmm, unless the NDP recruits Jack's son, Mike Layton to run for the seat.

  2. Well, yeah. Then we're all screwed.

    But, even so, we could at least put some effort into it.