Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blue on Blue Violence

While not violent, per se, it's interesting to see the clash of Tory vs. Tory in Brampton today, courtesy of Warren Kinsella:

The person on stage is former PC Premier Bill Davis (1971-1985), talking in front of an audience in his hometown of Brampton about healthcare and local leadership and I assume infrastructure. The three off to the side are the three current PC candidates for the Brampton area - Pam Hundal, Sanjeev Maingi, and Amarjeet Gill.

And they're picketing Bill Davis, the man who practically invented the Big Blue Machine. Simply because local Liberal MPP Linda Jeffrey (and possible another, though I don't know them by sight) is on stage.

Note too that Davis is a beloved Brampton idol. I used to live there, I know. Talk to any of the older generations there about politics in the province and Davis will come up. And I'm just going to go off on a limb here and assume that Davis isn't completely cut off from the city's Tory establishment; and the three PC candidates there just picketed him.

Brilliant. Why don't you start a protest against Mike Harris next?

Let's ensure these clowns don't get a chance to enter Queen's Park. Support the Ontario Liberals and local MPPs Linda Jeffrey (Brampton-Springdale), Vic Dhillon (Brampton West), and Amrit Mangat (Mississauga-Brampton South), as well as Bramalea-Gore-Malton MPP Kuldip Kular.


  1. Unless the NDP runs "that guy who almost won" in "that one Brampton riding", the NDP will not stand a chance in any of them. Anyone who thinks voting NDP in Brampton - especially in the other two ridings - wills top the Tories is fooling themselves.

  2. The NDP is running "that guy who almost won" provincially, according to my well-connected Dipper sources. But otherwise you're right.

  3. "Bill Davis complimented Pam Hundal for being at the press conference and called for a blue wave in Brampton.""

  4. Brilliant. Why don't you start a protest against Mike Harris next?

    Or better yet, Hudak. If you're going to shoot yourself you might as well aim high. ;)

    bocanut, as far as I can tell, that comment comes from here.

    Here's an article on the event.

    "Three Progressive Conservative candidates in the upcoming election showed up, but it was evident from the reaction of Matthews and event staff that they were not invited. Amarjeet Gill, Sanjeev Maingi and Pam Hundal stood in front of the dignitaries with a sign that read, in part: “When was the last time the Liberals made this promise? Five days before the last election.”

    "At one point, Anderson asked the three to move further to the side so as not to obstruct the view of the invited guests. "

  5. absolutely classless. As a candidate it would show how completely juvenile they are to the public. Geez, better keep encouraging them.