Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogging Tories on Layton's Passing

Just when you couldn't get enough of Christie Blatchford and Dave Naylor, the Blogging Tories come riding to the forefront:

"Wake up and smell the propaganda. This isn't about Jack Layton. It's about where this country is headed."
- The jerk who writes whatever this blog is supposed to be/Halls of Macadamia

"As for me, I'll go on ignoring it all and save my tears and admiration for the few and far-between politicians who actually deserve the nation's gratitude and honour when they pass. Decadent societies produce few to honour ... there just aren't that many Walesas, Havels, and Fawzia Koofis in Canada."
- "Celestial Junk," or just "Junk" to me

"What? Too soon? I don't even get credit for my courageous self-imposed embargo on hand-job jokes? Hmph."
- The "Blog quebecois," more or less giving the equivalent of "va ta faire foutre" to Layton

"Jack's final "letter to Canadians" was the first thing I read after learning of his death and I was disappointed to find it full of NDP talking points and concluded with meaningless platitudes. It sounded as if it had been written by party hacks, which, as Christie points out, it had. They didn't do him any favours."
- From "Just Right," though one wonders "just right" of who, exactly....

"...there will be no part of his anatomy left unkissed..."
 - That jerk from before, Macadamia Nuts or whatever

"A sad day for the millions of Canadians that liked Jack Layton."
- Not so bad from Kinny, unless you really think about that phrasing

Two or three of them link directly to Blatchford's article, giving further proof that shit really does tend to clump together.

Then there's this poor soul, BC Blue, trying to hold it all together. Kudos to him. To be fair, there's more than enough examples on BT of good guys who said very kind words about Jack.

But, what would the world do without its Blogging Tories? Where would all the hate and degradation come from?

Apparently from these folks.


  1. As long as people don't say anything bad about Jack Layton, which most don't, I don't see anything wrong. They have a right to express their opinion, especially considering it is a national news story.

    The NDP are using this as an opportunity. Instead of Olivia Chow, his wife, thanking Canadians, as in any other case it would be her or a friend of the family, it was the Turmel the new MP and Interim Leader.

  2. I feel sorry for the above bloggers. Clearly their mothers did not raise them right, or they'd have more respect for the dead.