Friday, August 5, 2011

Anonymous NDP insiders

It didn't take long for that shoe to be on the other foot:

There's a serious unease in the NDP over interim leader Nycole Turmel's memberships in two Quebec sovereigntist parties, a party staffer said Thursday.

The staffer, speaking anonymously to RDI's La période des questions, said it shows a lack of integrity that Turmel held memberships in the Bloc Québécois for four years — until weeks before she announced her NDP candidacy — and in provincial party Québec Solidaire until Tuesday.

RDI, CBC/Radio-Canada's French-language news channel, confirmed the staffer works for the NDP but agreed not to name him.
I'm not really surprised at all, to be honest. About the existence of the anon sources or about the alleged internal misgivings. It's to be expected, I think. I'd be concerned if we found out our party leader was a former Blocquiste up until last January as well.

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