Sunday, July 24, 2011

Someone Deserving Of a Smack or Two

I've never been a big fan of Michael Coren. Actually, to a point, I think he's an utter asshole. But his recent comments on the shooting and bombings in Norway puts the man in a class of his own:
Tragic irony. The teenagers at the socialist youth camp on the Norwegian island who were victims of terror had just demanded that Israel remove the separation fence – the wall – that has saved any number of innocent, Jewish children from Islamic terror gangs. They also condemned Israel for, well, pretty much everything, and showed no empathy at all for Jewish suffering, and the experience of living with terrorism for more than sixty years. So sad, but so typical.
What the real "tragedy" here is how utterly pathetic Coren is to even insinuate such a thing, let alone be allowed to publish it online, or anywhere for that matter.

Sure, every person is entitled to their opinion, no matter how block-headed that opinion is. I've got no beef with that. But Coren, who has a regularly aired TV show and writes for several groups, has to be held to a higher standard and regard than your run-of-the-mill fanatic, for which he seems to be miming on This guy has influence, and for him to put out such a line, an idea, is not only irresponsible on his part, but on the part of those editors that have yet to ask or forced him to take it down.

If there is anyone out there that deserves a good bout of censorship and protest, it's Coren. I for one plan on writing to the editors to point out how egregious his offense is, and how pathetic someone has to be to end up blaming the young victims of a mass shooting by an Israel-hating neo-Nazi maniacal right-wing racist paranoid militant.

I hope others follow suite.


  1. Yes, coren is repulsive and many right wingers are looking for ways to garner sympathy for one of their own, I must ask this. I have read parts of the terrorists manifesto but did not see him being anti Israel. In fact, he states his support for Israel.

    So my question is, where did you learn about this? I guess I missed this bit of information.

  2. You are right, I did hear it in the rumour mill. If I see it to the contrary, I'll change it, but thanks for pointing out the "manifesto" - I didn't know it was out.

  3. Thanks for the reply.

    As far as the killer's screed goes, oh boy! It is full of derangement, expectedly. It reads like a blueprint for his potential followers, right down to the bomb making detail. A what and how to manual.

  4. Yeah, I've seen it. Not the kind of person to meet in a dark alley, to be sure.

  5. Or anywhere for that matter...

  6. So wait, a successful terrorist bomber has bomb making instructions floating around the Internet, and everyone wants a copy?

    ...Am I the only one who can foresee a problem with this?

  7. No, but we feel secure enough that more folks won't go as nuts... for some reason.