Monday, July 4, 2011

A short update on the Provinces.

Hello, Teddy here. First, I want to sadly announce that due to problems, our sister blog, Riding by Riding has suffered a complete data loss. Due to the fact the site is down, I'd like to share my analysis of the provinces over here.

The PQ lost a total of 6 MNA's in June. 1 due to his ethical/legal problems, 1 because he thought the PQ was too focused on sovereignty, and 3 because they thought the PQ did not focus enough on sovereignty. Already sitting as independent MNA's are one Liberal who had ethical/legal problems, and 2 former members of the ADQ. It remains to be seen how many of these people, if any, will join Fran├žois Legault's long awaited new party (which is actually leading some polls despite not existing yet). If the PQ, ADQ, and new party all fight over the same nationalist-to-separatist votes, it could spell great news for the PLQ.

In Nova Scotia, a Tory has won a vacant seat. This is great news for the party as they've been on a downard trend ever since their Interim Leader left the party to sit with the Liberals. The seat is in a somewhat PC friendly part of a not-really PC friendly part of the province. The Liberals however continue to lead in the polls.

Over in the Yukon, an election is expected this fall where the new premier, Darrell Pasloski, will have a chance to win a seat in the legislature. The Liberals have a good chance of winning here.

In BC the Liberals lost an MLA due to ethical/legal problems (in this case, he got arrested after a domestic dispute)

In terms of polls, not much news. Quebec has still yet to see any party top 40% in the polls in 2011. In BC the provincial Conservatives may be able to take a seat or two, which is not nearly as big news as it sounds, as a provincial Reform party has done the same in the past.

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