Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday News Smash-Up

Sorry about my absence for the last five days, but I've been going to "school" and attempting to learn basic Spanish. Suffice to say, yo no hablo espanol, pero poco a poco, yo aprendo.

Anyways, it hasn't been an exactly major week anyways, not after the filibuster cock-up by the NDP and the return of Canada Post workers to their jobs, but with less benefits than before. I cannot stress again how useless I found that filibuster, even if it had some nice speeches. On the other hand, commenter sharonapple88 gave a good quote by Kingston and the Islands MP Ted Hsu about how it could have been effective.

The other big-ish news this past week was the sale of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, the government-run nuclear company, regulator, and researcher, to SNC-Lavalin for a mere $15-million. This sale was in the works since 2009 and fits nicely with the Harper regime's idealism over how effective privatizing everything would work out. He's obviously wrong on that count, and the fact is that the government of Canada has every incentive to be involved in the nuclear business, especially with our continued dodgy assertions over our production of medical isotopes. But this all being said, the AECL sale does make some sense from any government perspective; Greg Weston explains why.

In international news, Ghaddafi is really starting to feel pressure, which is very good news, as NATO is starting to feel it as well. But as my grandfather told me, Ghaddafi walks a very stupid line with his threats; once he starts making them, he will legitimize efforts by the Americans and Europeans to put boots on the ground to take him out specifically. The way he keeps going, they may already be planning it.

In polling news, we see this poll by the little-known Forum Research into the Ontario provincial election, which puts the PCs way ahead with 41%, the governing Liberals with 26%, and the NDP at 22%. According to Eric Grenier of, this would lead to a healthy 67 seats for Tim Whodat, while regulating the Liberals to third place with 17 seats, and the NDP as the Official Opposition with 23. A slightly skewed number, but one that might be realistic; Liberals tend to have their vote disperse once they get very low. However, I question this poll - it doesn't fit with what regular provincial pollster Ipsos Reid says. I tend to hold Ipsos in high regard as a pollster, so we'll see what happens.

Also meanwhile, the NDP are now tied with the PCs in Manitoba at 44% apiece, with the Liberals far behind with just 9%. Typical situation really, but it's just a one-off poll and I'm curious to see other pollsters enter the market, rather than just the usual Probe Research. However, this poll would confirm my NDP surge post from before. Now we just wait on Saskatchewan.

In personal news, I've been reading Andrew Rawnsley's fantastic book on the New Labour years in Britian. I'm only 22% in (so my e-book tells me) but I'm stuck on the audacity of the Blair regime over Iraq, and the ferocity of the attacks between Blair and Brown. It's very repulsive, to say the least, and our little Chretien-Martin spat was nothing compared to it.

Oh, and there's something about the monarchs. I don't really know much about it, so, meh. Other than that, Happy (belated) Canada Day folks!

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