Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poll-by-Poll Maps of #Elxn 2011

Thanks to the sometimes fine folks at, we've got links to poll-by-poll maps of certain regions of Canada. I'd suggest looking at the entire list.

But here are the important ones:

Montreal - 2008 vs. 2011

Toronto - 2004 vs. 2008 vs. 2011

Saanich--Gulf Islands - 2008 vs. 2011

Calgary - 2011 

Ottawa/Gatineau - 2011 

Peel Region - 2011

Vancouver - 2011

Kitchener/Cambridge/Guelph - 2011

Lac-Saint-Louis - 2008 vs. 2011


  1. I just opened the three toronto maps in separate browser tabs and flipped between them.

    Damn. I'm just in shock. As a Lib, we have our work cut out for us. Amazing that we even managed to hold the seats that we did.

  2. There is a ton of non-PDF maps here: just go up and down to the different pages. User The506 supposedly has all of Canada, and is taking requests.

  3. Teddy,

    Thanks for the info, I might be dropping a line or two. That, or on Rabble.

    Dan F,

    You're seriously correct about that. But often people don't realize that we still won Toronto's popular vote by about 4-5% of the vote - we just spread ourselves thin and ended up third. It's those concentrated regions of blue and orange that cause our headache. We need to work on winning those neighborhoods back, one at a time.

  4. BTW I kinda, uh, broke the website the maps are on >.< I contacted the user to let him know that there is a way you can sneak into the rest of the website (by changing the web address slightly) and that the hidden stuff he had was really neato... anyways, he took the site down until he could fix the security hole, so, uh sorry >.<

  5. LOL, good job Teddy. If I get competitors or rivals, you're good to have around.