Thursday, July 28, 2011

The NDP's "New Politics"

I've heard worse about Lizzy May but seriously, maybe its time we started Dippers In Their Own Words:
May is rude, crude and an ignorant bitch who is full of shit!
The NDP and Layton don't need May's kind of hope & prayers - slimy comes to mind & absolutely evil!
Crude and rude though some of us may be (including myself from time to time), I fail to see many ProgBloggers and Libloggers using this kind of language to describe another person and their opinion, one that's absolutely valid. But alas - this is the new politics, dontcha know.


  1. The Liberals are going to be the only ones willing to work with May. Frankly, I don't see why we can't come to an agreement with the Greens

  2. It's a good question, given the situation we're all in these days.

  3. I was surprized to hear May on Ezra Levant's "The Source" last week discussing how Canada should invest in new refineries and pipelines to move Tar Sands oil east. She claimed this would be in the best interests of Canada's energy self sufficiency. I always thought the Greens were for shutting down the Tar Sands, but maybe their position on the Tar Sands is moving closer to that of the Liberals.

    As I believe the best interests of Canada include a shift away from fossil fuels to renewables, unless the NDP speaks out against the development of Tar Sands oil either for domestic use or export, I guess I'm out of luck.

  4. There's always fringe parties, Ima!

  5. where did you get those quotes? Certainly not from that link. Nor from the link on that page.

  6. Lizzy May did say that she was going to concentrate less on the environment after getting herself elected.

    Support for her party went down because the campaign was all about her.

    Plus another crazy conspiracy theory on wi-fi, not supported by science.

    And mathematically, how is it in the Liberals' interests to work with the Greens? They don't win seats. And according to Eric Grenier at, if an election were held today, Lizzy would lose her seat back to the Cons.

    Here's a prediction, assuming Jack Layton doesn't come back, the Liberals and the NDP will find themselves needing each other.

    The Bloc will likely make a comeback

    This could change, of course, if Jack comes back.

    As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

  7. Ah shit, sorry about that! The sayer's page has that annoying habit of post links leading to other sites. It's changed.

    I'm not a fan of Lizzy May, don't get me wrong. However, I don't feel the need to call her a "rude and crude bitch" for suggesting a common idea. Otherwise I think she's a nutbar.

    Also, any organizational help the Greens have would benefit Liberals, quid pro quo really. We're so far down the ladder that if we had some of the Green's backing in ridings like the Yukon or in some BC ridings, we could do something. Take away the option of siphoning the Green vote from the Dippers, as well.

  8. It really was bizarre to watch Ms. May singing the praises of the Tar Sands with Ezra Levant. There may just be a lot of Green votes up for grabs, particularly if Canadians come to their senses over the next four years and decide they really don't want their country turned into a Petrostate after all.

  9. We should work with the Greens, by doing a sort of Dion-May deal. By helping the greens getting another seat in BC we ask them to take off some Greens in a some selective riding's in Toronto. like
    Pickering Scarborough east (where we lost by 1200 votes and the Greens got 1600) Don Valley east ( where we lost by 2% and the greens got 3%), Don Valley west (Where we lost by 1% the greens got 3%), Etobicoke Center (where we lost by a few dozen votes the Greens got 3%) and of course Etobicoke lakeshore (where we lost by 5% and the greens got 4%) all these riding's are held by Conservatives currently.

  10. Exactly, Vanillaman. I hate to say it, because working with other parties isn't my favourite option, but we have similar goals right now don't we? Why not use that to our advantage.