Monday, July 18, 2011

How Republicans Will !%$@ Themselves

This CBS News Poll says it all:

Americans are unimpressed with their political leaders' handling of the debt ceiling crisis, with a new CBS News poll showing a majority disapprove of all the involved parties' conduct, but Republicans in Congress fare the worst, with just 21 percent backing their intransigent resistance to raising taxes.

President Obama earned the most generous approval ratings for his handling of the weeks-old negotiations, but still more people said they disapproved (48 percent) than approved (43 percent) of what he has done and said.

... Approval drops to 31 percent for the Democrats in Congress, and only 21 percent of the people surveyed said they approved of Republicans' handling of the negotiations, while 71 percent disapprove.
That's right - 71% of respondents disapprove of the GOP's stubborn stand. Obama still nets disapproval, with 48% disapproving but 43% approving - a net negative of five points, compared to 50 points for the Republicans in Congress.

While this may not totally derail the Republicans, as Nate Silver notes in a few articles, the GOP could be at just as much disadvantage as the Obama if this whole thing blows up in their faces. With such high negatives as this poll shows, its entirely possible the Republicans will be at a much more severe disadvantage when all is said and done.

And that goes doubly for prospective GOP presidential candidates like Michele Bachmann - currently the leader of the Tea Party Caucus, holding everything back - who backs this silly stand that threatens the country's integrity, while being in Congress and getting the stain of Washington at the same time. That's versus smart cookies like former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, who have wisely decided to stay out of it.

Oh, it's going to be a fun election year, 2012. Very fun indeed.



    Republicans should vote the way Obama and the Democrats voted in 2006. Oppose raising the debt ceiling.

  2. No, they shouldn't - that'd be incredibly stupid and harm not only the American economy, but ours as well.

    Now, unless you're a masochist, this isn't the best course of action. What Obama and some Dems did in 2006 was stupid, but they knew they'd lose anyways. That's not so this time.


    Bottom line is that you have a President who has failed to lead. He has failed to provide details of his plan. He has let the legislative branch lead. That is utter failure on the part of the CEO.
    You want leadership, this man knows how to lead. He is no wimp like Obama.